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    Switching energy supplier is easy

    Fill out the form and we will contact you. Let’s make an electricity contract together!

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    Ilmatar Windpower is 100 % Finnish

    Pure wind power produced purely in Finland by Finns.

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    Ilmatar Windpower is affordable

    Eco-friendly alternative doesn’t need to be expensive. As an example our wind power costs 5.29 c / kWh + 29.90 € / year (2.49 € / month).

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The carbon footprint of a year on wind power instead of mixed electricity is equivalent to…

*Average 2-person household (source: Sitra)


litres of oat milk instead of cow’s milk


Kilometres with a relatively new passenger car


1,5 years’ worth of lunches

Join us and start using Ilmatar Windpower

I thought the eco-friendly alternative would be more expensive. However, Ilmatar windpower is less expensive than my previous energy supplier. ”

Sami 35, Tampere

“I believe my choices make a difference. That’s why I chose wind power. I am concerned about the future of my children too.”

Heini 38, Espoo

“It took 2 minutes to make electricity agreement online. Green electricity was an obvious choice for me while moving out from my old apartment.”

Iina 37, Helsinki