November 4, 2019

5 reasons to switch to Finnish wind power today

Not eating meat, buying second-hand, travelling by land, giving up driving… where should we start when it comes to tackling the climate crisis? Doing our bit for the environment often requires big lifestyle changes, which can be challenging to put in practise. Thankfully, the easiest and quickest way to go greener is one of the most important, too. We listed five reasons why you should switch to wind-powered electricity today.

1.     Wind power wins big for the climate

By switching to wind power, you’ll immediately reduce your carbon footprint by more than 5%. It’s no wonder, then, that BBC Future names replacing fossil fuels with renewable energy as the single most important thing humanity should do for the climate in the coming years.  

A year of wind-generated electricity is the equivalent of buying 1900 litres of oat milk instead of cow’s milk, driving 9300 kilometres less, or saying no to four round-trip flights to Paris. If you want to make a big difference in a very small amount of time, switch to wind power. 

2.     Wind power is the future

The role of wind power is incredibly important in the fight against the climate crisis, as wind-generated electricity creates zero carbon emissions. Finland aims to be fully carbon neutral by 2035. Thanks to wind power, this target is realistic. Switch to wind power and you’ll help ensure Finland remains a clean and safe place to live for future generations, too.

3.      Wind power is made in Finland

Wind power not only creates jobs in Finland, but it also reduces our dependence on geopolitically risky energy imports. Even today, it provides employment to thousands of Finnish people and increases welfare across the country – by improving both finances and the quality of the air we breathe. 

The more Finns make the switch to wind power, the more wind farms can be built, and the more jobs will be created. Choose wind power and you’ll choose a brighter future for Finland.   

4.     Wind power never runs out

Wind power is Europe’s fastest-growing source of electricity. Its potential for growth is endless, as unlike oil or coal, wind resources can’t be depleted, and their supply is unlimited. Ilmatar guarantees the availability of wind power around the year and around the clock, even if all of Finland switched to wind power. Shall we lead the way and show the world how it’s done?

5.     Wind power is economical

Clean energy used to be considered expensive, but the world has changed. According to research by Lappeenranta-Lahti University of Technology LUT, wind power built on land is already the most cost efficient energy production method available. In terms of electricity contracts, renewable energy based electricity can even be cheaper than the fossil fuel-based equivalent. To compare the costs of energy contracts, visit

Take a giant leap towards a cleaner future and switch to Ilmatar’s wind power today.

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