September 29, 2020

Alajärvi wind power projects now wholly owned by Ilmatar

Ilmatar has acquired all holdings in the Möksy and Louhukangas wind power projects, totalling approx. 250 MW. The construction of the wind farms is estimated to commence during 2021.

Ilmatar started the planning of the Möksy and Louhukangas wind farms at the border of the municipalities of Alajärvi and Kyyjärvi in 2012. The company has been responsible for the progress of the projects, environmental impact assessment and master planning of the projects in cooperation with several authorities. An international operator specializing in renewable energy projects joined the project as it progressed, and with this transaction, Ilmatar has obtained full ownership of the projects in Alajärvi. 

The Supreme Administrative Court has confirmed the legal validity of the building permits for the 39 power plants in the Möksy and Louhukangas wind farms, and construction is due to start during 2021. 

“The Alajärvi project will utilize the best practices and latest technology in the wind power industry. Ilmatar will be responsible for the implementation, operation, electricity production and sales of electricity produced by wind power to both consumer and corporate customers as a Finnish operator in the entire large Alajärvi project. This again proves our exceptional capability of operating in every phase of clean energy production, from project development to the operation of power plants and supply of electricity,” says Juha Sarsama, CEO of Ilmatar.

The Möksy and Louhukangas wind farms will be located in the immediate vicinity of the Alajärvi substation, one of the most significant nodes of Finland’s national grid. The wind farms are expected to start producing clean Finnish wind power during 2023.