May 3, 2022

Anna Häger is the regional manager for Åland

Ilmatar Energy Oy has recruited Anna Häger as Regional Manager for newly established subsidiary Ilmatar Offshore Ab in the Åland Islands.

Parliament of Åland has expressed its strong support for developing offshore wind energy in Åland.

”This is immensely positive for the whole Åland community, and I am looking forward to taking part in it and putting Ilmatar Energy’s plans into effect,” says Anna Häger.

Ilmatar Energy Oy and its subsidiary Ilmatar Offshore settled in Åland at the end of March 2022. The plan is to take part in Åland’s official project Sunnanvind where an area of over 1 000 square kilometres has been identified as suitable for large-scale offshore wind power.

The Åland Parliament has expressed strong support for the wind power project and aim to set the stage for companies that want to invest in wind farms. Ilmatar Offshore is one of these companies, targeting the sea areas north of Åland.

Ilmatar Offshore is now building a team in Mariehamn to put their plans into effect. Anna Häger, previously Head of Citizen Engagement at Flexens Oy Ab, is the first local team member and will act as Regional Manager for Ilmatar Offshore in Åland.

“This is a crucial and exciting time for Åland. Offshore wind power is an enormous opportunity, a truly new economic foundation to rest on,” Anna Häger says.

“I am looking forward to realizing the Sunnanwind project, together with the community of Åland.”

Mikko Toivanen, co-founder and Executive Director at Ilmatar Energy Oy, is very pleased with the first recruitment in Åland.

“Offshore wind is a major gamechanger for Åland. It brings massive possibilities to the local community. Ilmatar wanted to find a person who understands the local community’s needs and capabilities, which could help both Åland and Ilmatar achieve the best possible outcome. We could not think of a better match than Anna Häger. She is the perfect leader to take this massive project home with her background and skills,” he says.

The support for offshore wind power expressed by the Åland Parliament is momentous and necessary, says Mikko Toivanen.

“It is crucial to speed up the development of Åland wind assets. The valuable and thorough work conducted by the government of Åland in preparing maritime spatial planning is a forerunner in the Baltic Sea region. Their plans have now reached a stage where the government of Åland can offer a key role in the next steps to come to offshore wind power producers’ in further developing the assets to reach the ready-to-build stage.”

For more information, please contact:

Anna Häger
Regional Manager, Ilmatar Offshore Ab
Tel: +358 40 14 67 221

Mikko Toivanen
Executive Director & Co-founder, Ilmatar Energy Oy
Tel: +358 500 595 471
Email: [email protected]

Kalle Pykälä, Anna Häger, Mikko Toivanen.
Co-founder Kalle Pykälä, Anna Häger & Mikko Toivanen.