Ilmatar in numbers

41 000 tn

CO2 saved (source)

Based on mixed electricity production emissions 264 g/kWh


wind turbines in total

65 300


Average electricity consumption based on block of flats with 3 people households


Get to know us

These are our people. We’re all dedicated to making a real difference to the way the world works.


Protecting the environment

When it comes to renewable energy, there is no better option than wind power. Not only is wind free, but it’s free from pollution too. What’s more, wind power helps lessen Finland’s dependency on foreign fuel with its geopolitical risks.

Caring for the local benefits

We manage the entire wind power production value chain, from finding the right site to constructing the wind turbines. This means we collaborate with local communities, municipalities and landowners from day one. In short, their concerns are our concerns.

Thinking about the future

Tomorrow’s world is always at the forefront of our mind. This means that our projects make the people, environment, partners and stakeholders involved better off, now and far into the future.

Our approach

Change for the better

For our children’s sake, we need to change the way the world works. Together, we can make clean energy the new norm and spearhead the world’s transition to a better, renewable future.