September 16, 2019

We have the wind in our sails!

Say hello to the refreshed Ilmatar

Wind power is a relatively new form of energy in Finland. Yet in the last few years, Finnish wind farm development has been booming. This is great news for Finland’s hopes of hitting its 50% target of renewable emission-free energy by 2030. It’s even better news for those of us dedicated to making renewable energy the new norm. To help achieve this goal, we’ve recently refreshed and renewed our website.

Small changes make a big difference

This might not seem like a big deal when compared to the global challenge of tackling the climate crisis. However, we believe Finland has a lot to offer to the world in showcasing how effective wind power can be. For this to happen, however, we need to stay at the forefront of Finnish wind farm development. This means using our technical and commercial management expertise to help others. It’s also essential that we clearly communicate the huge benefits to potential partners, municipalities, companies and the public alike. 

“Wind power is a win-win for everyone, but not everyone is familiar with the benefits,” says Ilmatar Marketing Manager, Mari Markkanen. “We wanted to refresh our brand to make it clearer and easier for people to understand what we do and join us on our mission to make renewable energy the new norm.”

Winning with wind

As you can see, our new website beautifully showcases our story. It also highlights our expertise, our enthusiasm, and the people behind our business. Our aim was to make it as easy to navigate as it is to understand. Part of our mission is also to give a greater insight into the challenges and opportunities Finnish wind farm development brings all stakeholders. Consequently, we’ll be regularly updating our site with news, views and success stories. 

Join a world-changing team

Happily, in the last few years, there’s been plenty to shout about. This is why we’ve been growing year-on-year, building more projects, collaborating with more partners and generating more renewable emission-free energy. But there’s still lots of work to do. So, while we’re very excited to have enhanced our expertise with super talented new arrivals, we’re constantly on the lookout for more passionate people. If that sounds like you, why not drop us a line and join a team dedicated to changing the way the world works.