Wind power for your business

The world is changing, and energy is no exception. Since the beginning of our operations, we’ve only produced clean renewable energy.

Ilmatar’s wind power is always 100% Finnish, 100% renewable and 100% sustainable. Choosing wind power is an act with an impact. It says that your business is committed to Finnish work, responsible operations, and sustainable development. Acquiring energy from a new wind farm is one of the most significant single climate acts, as it replaces old production with fossil fuels.

Our customer references


“The food we produce is plant-based and sustainable, which is why carbon-free and renewable electricity is a natural pair for our responsible production. Of all the competing offers, Ilmatar was the most affordable one. We appreciated that wind power is emission-free and that our decision contributes to the construction of more wind power in Finland.“

Veme Oy

“Companies should not see sustainable choices as an obligation, but as opportunities that are easily fulfilled and lead us to better results. I believe that choices like this further improve our competitiveness.”

Kotipizza Group Plc

“The way our electricity is produced plays a significant role in the carbon footprint of our whole franchise. With our decision to own a wind turbine, we contribute to the additional construction of renewable energy.”

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Reduce the carbon footprint in your business – Immediately

Switching to wind power is one of the easiest and fastest ways to reduce your business’s carbon footprint. Compared to mixed electricity, the carbon footprint can be reduced by as much as one-fifth, and the change is immediate.

Competitive advantage through sustainability

Sustainability and decarbonisation are increasingly important factors for businesses – including in terms of competition. An increasing number of consumers and businesses are making choices on ecological grounds. By switching the energy used by your business to clean wind power, you give them a sustainable reason to become your customers and receive a genuine competitive advantage over many other operators.

Buying Finnish wind power contributes to jobs and investments to Finland

The energy we produce is 100% clean wind power accompanied with a guarantee of origin. We are constantly building new wind farms and other sources of renewable energy. When your business makes a wind power contract with Ilmatar, you also support employment in Finland and enable investments in our home country. Affordable and clean energy also contributes to our international competitiveness.

Wind power also helps to secure Finland’s self-sufficiency of energy. In the 21st century, almost one-quarter of Finland’s electricity consumption has consisted of imported electricity. By constructing more wind power in Finland, Ilmatar secures Finnish society’s competitiveness and carbon-neutral energy self-sufficiency. Moreover, decentralised wind power production balances the load on the electricity grid while also improving the national security of supply.


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