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When you move to a new address, be sure to also switch your old electricity contract to a new and better one. Starting from 1st of May 2023, Ilmatar’s electricity contracts will move to Väre. Find out more about the contracts and pick the one that suits you.

Remember to terminate your old electricity contract

When you make a new electricity contract, you must always take care of terminating your old contract. If you don’t, the old contract will continue at your old address until the next resident makes their own contract. By terminating your old contract, you can make sure that you won’t have to pay anyone else’s electricity bills. If you want, our customer service can terminate your old contract for you.

Fixed-term contract with another company? No problem.

You can terminate a fixed-term contract when you move houses. This means that you can switch to renewable wind power even if you have a current fixed-term electricity contract with another company.

Moving checklist

There’s a lot to remember when you’re moving. Here are some of the most common things to keep in mind when you’re planning a move or moving.

  1. Make an electricity contract with the provider of your choice. We recommend saying goodbye to fossil fuels and moving to the 2020s by using 100% clean wind power.

  2. Submit a notification of move. When you move, you must notify both Posti and the Digital and Population Data Services Agency of the change of address, no later than one week after the move. The move can also be notified through the Digital and Population Data Services Agency earliest one month in advance.  You can notify your new address simultaneously to the  Digital and Population Data Services Agency as well as to the register of Posti. With the notification of move, the information is also updated to, among others, the Finnish Transport and Communications Agency, the Finnish Tax Administration, the Finnish Defence Forces, the Social Insurance Institution, and the church. You need online banking codes in order to submit the notification of move.

  3. Make sure that the information about your new address also reaches your bank and especially the places where you are receiving invoices from. Even after submitting the notification of move, you are still responsible for your invoices and other important mail that may go to the wrong address if you have not taken care of the change of address.

  4. Do you need help with moving? Arrange help with carrying and a car big enough well in advance. Most people move at the turn of the month. Therefore, for example van rentals might be highly busy during that time. A moving company could be easier to hire during weekdays than weekends. Anticipate your need for help with moving.

  5. Find out if you need to take a day off from work to be able to move house. In some companies the employer helps by offering a paid day off.

  6. Get a home insurance. In general, landlords require that the rental apartment has valid home insurance and it’s a condition for getting an apartment. Whether the apartment is your own or rental, it’s always good to have home insurance. If you already have home insurance, be sure to update it to your new address when moving. Among other things, the insurance company is interested in the size of the apartment, as it affects the price of home insurance.

  7. Notify also the property manager of your move. If you are moving into an apartment building, the downstairs message board will often provide instructions on how and when to notify the property manager, and possibly the maintenance company, when moving in and out of the building.

  8. Don’t forget to transfer your internet connection. In apartment buildings, the housing association may have a housing association-specific broadband agreement. In such cases, the apartment will automatically have an internet connection. Usually these are framework agreements, so you should make sure that the speed of the network fits your needs so you can buy more speed if necessary. However, sometimes there is no such agreement. If that’s the case, you must purchase your own broadband or transfer your old agreement to the new address.

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