June 28, 2023

Ilmatar builds its second hybrid solution: An energy storage facility at the Piiparinmäki wind farm

Partnering with Glennmont Partners, Ilmatar is constructing an energy storage with a 30 MW capacity to support renewable energy production at the Piiparinmäki wind farm.
– The storage capacity helps manage fluctuations in wind power production and optimises farm utilisation across the board, says CEO Juha-Pekka Weckström of Ilmatar.

Ilmatar and a UK-based investment management company Glennmont Partners are building an energy storage near the Piiparinmäki wind farm with 41 wind turbines. The wind farm with a total rated capacity of 211 MW will now be supplemented by a 30 MW energy storage.

The balancing power enabled by the storage makes it possible to supply electricity to the grid as the situation in the energy market turns favourable. The storage also provides comprehensive tools for capacity management, both in-farm and as a service to help manage the capacity of the national electricity grid.

– The energy storage capacity helps manage fluctuations in wind power production and optimises farm utilisation across the board. The Piiparinmäki energy storage is Ilmatar’s second hybrid solution in connection with a renewable energy production facility, making Ilmatar something of a pioneer as a developer, builder and owner of hybrid solutions on both Nordic and European level, says Ilmatar’s CEO Juha-Pekka Weckström.

– At Piiparinmäki, 30 MW of battery capacity supports the power production of 41 modern wind turbines. In our other project in Alajärvi, a 25 MW battery farm is able to support the power performance of a farm with 36 turbines and 216 MW wind power capacity and 150 MWp solar power capacity, Ilmatar’s Development Manager Katja Koponen continues.

Francesco Cacciabue, Partner and CFO at Glennmont Partners’, is happy with the continuing partnership with Ilmatar.

– We are particularly pleased with our cooperation with Ilmatar which has now also taken the form of an energy storage project with major importance in Finland.

– The storage technology makes it possible to offset fluctuations in production both in Finland and abroad. This helps utilise renewable energy sources as efficiently as possible, Cacciabue stresses.

– Placing an energy storage (owned by Glennmont, built and operated by Ilmatar) next to the Piiparinmäki wind farm helps improve the efficiency of the two technologies and is of significant interest to our investors.

Further information

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Ilmatar Energy
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Orlando Wind-Cowie
Glennmont Partners
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Founded in Finland in 2011, Ilmatar is a Nordic energy company and an independent power producer that focuses exclusively on renewable energy. Our business is based on the development, construction, ownership and maintenance of renewable energy projects, particularly wind and solar power. Our operating model where we are responsible for the entire production value chain is unique for an energy company in Finland and the Nordic countries. Our renewable energy farms are built unsubsidised on a fully merchant basis, and we own them throughout their operational life cycle. Our mission is to enable a more sustainable future.

We have offices in Helsinki, Malmö, Mariehamn, Tampere and Oulu.

Ilmatar – Energy to be proud of

Glennmont Partners is an infrastructure fund manager owned by Nuveen. Managing funds for institutions and private individuals across the globe, Nuveen has 1.3 trillion dollars in assets under management.

Glennmont is one of Europe’s largest fund management companies specialised in renewable energy. It has invested around 2 billion euros in clean energy projects – wind farms, solar power and biomass – across the European Union.