Our approach to sustainability

Fighting climate change

Our aim is to help create a world that runs entirely on renewable energy, and we want to do it in a sustainable way. 

Our core business is dedicated to solving one of Earth’s most crucial and complex challenges, climate change. Our mission is to own and operate one of the largest renewable energy fleets in the Nordics.

We stand at the forefront of the energy transformation with our valued customers and partners by supplying sustainable, reliable, and affordable energy. 

Our project development and construction are dedicated to working in a way that causes minimal disturbance to the environment.

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UN Sustainable Development Goals in our business

The UN Sustainable Development Goals are central to our  business. Our contributions are actualized most in our business activities in the following UN SDGs:

Goal 3:
Good Health and Well-Being.
 We take good care of our employees’ health, safety and well-being. We bring significant regional economic benefits to our project localities.

Goal 7:
Affordable and Clean Energy.
 We produce renewable energy and increase the availability of renewably sourced electricity in the market.

Goal 8:
Decent Work and Economic Growth. 
We take good care of our employees, and we grow responsibly. We strive to boost economic growth spurred by renewable energy.

Goal 9:
Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure.

We use the latest technology at our power plants and ensure long service life and continuous energy production. We build new energy infrastructure in the Nordics.

Goal 12:
Responsible Consumption and Production.
 We conserve and recycle materials wherever possible. We provide our customers opportunities to consume sustainable and renewably sourced electricity.

Goal 13:
Climate Action.
 By producing renewable energy and supporting the green transition, we take significant climate action and reduce both our and our customers’ emissions.

Goal 14:
Life Below Water.
 We take seafloor, ocean health and marine biodiversity into consideration when planning offshore wind power.

Goal 15:
Life on Land.
 We take care of people and the environment. Preserving biodiversity is at the core of our sustainability efforts in both wind and solar power projects.

Goal 17:
 With our partners, we make innovation possible and support the green transition in the Nordics. We invest in developmental cooperation with the government, municipalities and educational institutes. We are a responsible partner and expect the same commitment from our stakeholders.


Commitment to the UN Sustainable Development Goals comes naturally to Ilmatar as clean and affordable energy is one of the most important tools in the fight against the climate crisis. Preventing climate change, on the other hand, is crucial to the success of all the SDGs.

Energy from a new, constructed wind farm is one of the single most effective environmental actions

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Our sustainability strategy

Our sustainability strategy and targets are based on a double-materiality assessment, which assess our impact on people and the environment (the inside-out view) as well as the potential financial risks and opportunities for us (the outside-in view). Our stakeholders assessed that the most material topics for us to focus on are: 

  • Energy transition enabler  

Ilmataris committed to perform its business in the mostsustainable way possible.Ilmatarcontributes strongly tomitigating climate change by producing fossil-freeenergy. Positive handprint is not enough forus. Westrive to reduce our footprint, including the footprint ofour supply chain, where a substantial part of the carbonemissions occur. We also continuously assess the impactsof climate risks to our portfolio. 

  • Biodiversity and circularity enhancing activities 

To support biodiversityIlmatarsearches for best available solutions regardingland-use in its’ projects to conserve biodiversity and tomitigate any negative environmental impacts.Ilmatardevelops biodiversity-supporting andcircularity enhancing operationsand mitigates any negative impacts on nature oranimals. 

  • Human rights and safety in the supply chain 

Asthe majority ofthe potential negative impactsregarding human rights and occupational health andsafety risks lay within the supply chain,Ilmatar selects its’ partners andcontractors carefully. By tracking their performance andsetting targets for improvement, Ilmatarpromotes human rights throughout its’ supplychain.  

Communicating transparently about targets, measures and results helps to enhance sustainability throughout the value chain.  

  • Attractive employer 

Working for a purpose drivesIlmatarand its employees.Ilmatarfocuses on wellbeing of the employees and developing theirexpertise.Ilmatarfosters diversity and provides equalcareer opportunities to attract the best possible teammembers. 

  • Active community member  

Ilmatarwants to be an engaging member of thecommunities where it operates to ensure thesecurity of the surroundings for all users of the areas.To make that possible,Ilmatarengages actively withlocal communities throughout the different operationalstages. An open dialogue helps tounderstand local priorities andaddress potential concerns. 

  • Accountable and fair actor 

Ilmataroperates transparently, ethically,fairly and equally, following good corporategovernance principles. Expecting the counterparties also to follow the samehigh standards asIlmatar. Above compliance,Ilmatar acts as a fair tax-payer andstrictly refuses any anti-competitivemeasures and any form of bribery andcorruption. 

For each of these six material topics, we have set measurable targets, which are in line with our Group strategy until 2027. 

Our sustainability goals

1 Energy transition enabler

  • 4GW of green energy production assets in operation
  • Reduction of CO2 footprint in line with 1.5C ambition
  • 100% use of renewable energy in own operations
  • Climate risk assessment for 100% of our operating assets

2 Biodiversity and circularity enhancing activities

  • Biodiversity assessment for 100% of projects (incl. solar)
  • 100% of installed solar panels will be recycled in the future

3 Human rights and safety in supply chain

  • Human rights commitment integrated in 100% supply contracts
  • LTIF <4 including contractors

4 Attractive employer

  • eNPS rate >40
  • 100% of employees have a development plan
  • Females in highest management positions >40%
  • Zero-tolerance for harassment

5 Active community member

  • 100% of projects with a public consultation event organized
  • 100% of projects with dedicated project development manager

6 Accountable and fair actor

  • Zero-tolerance for bribery and corruption
  • 100% of personnel trained on corporate governance (incl. code of conduct, anti-corruption, human rights, environmental policy)

*LTIF = lost time incident frequency

*eNPS = employee net promoter score

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