June 9, 2022

Ilmatar Offshore celebrates Åland’s 100th anniversary with new scholarship

To celebrate 100-year-old Åland and to contribute to a successful transition into future energy, wind power company Ilmatar Offshore starts a scholarship for students of Åland University of Applied Sciences.

“We have established ourselves on Åland for a long run and want to contribute to future education, Ilmatar Offshore’s Regional Manager Anna Häger says.

Häger sees that those who are going to work with offshore wind power (OSW) need to be trained today. However, the specialization may require help with advice and funding. That is what the Ilmatar Offshore scholarship has been established for.

All students at the Åland University of Applied Sciences may apply for the benefit.

The scholarship is Ilmatar Offshore’s birthday present for Åland’s centenary, taking place on June 9, 2022.

“We have established ourselves on Åland to stay and we want to take care of our offshore investment. Our goal is to be involved and pave the way for offshore wind power and make it a successful industry for the long term. This can be made possible with our contribution to the education of the future”, Häger sees.

She is looking forward to receiving applications from local students.

“The scholarship has no financial ceiling. It is simply a matter of being able to provide solid justification for the need for the scholarship.”

The AEEM engineering studies for automation, electricity, energy and the environment began at the Åland University of Applied Sciences already in 2020, with renewable energy being an important part of the studies. This autumn, the education programme enters its third year out of four total.

“With the help of the scholarship, our students can specialise in offshore wind power. The scholarship naturally benefits our students but has a global impact, too, as the world has a growing need for people who know how to work with renewable energy”, Bengt Englund, vice-rector at the Åland University of Applied Sciences says.

Ilmatar Offshore’s Marine Advisor Martti Leinonen agrees:

“We want to encourage the young people of Åland and students to get ready for a career in OSW. We are also happy to help them find their way forward. The scholarship applications can be based on anything from internships and apprenticeships to seminars, conferences and the like.”

For more information, please contact:
Anna Häger
Regional Manager, Ilmatar Offshore AB
+358 40 146 7221
[email protected]

Martti Leinonen
Marine Advisor, Ilmatar Offshore AB
+358 44 505 8529
[email protected]

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