August 30, 2022

Ilmatar Solar AB to Build the Largest Solar Park in Northern Europe

Ilmatar Solar AB, the subsidiary of Ilmatar Energy, is planning the construction of Northern Europe’s largest solar park in Tönnersjö outside Halmstad in Halland county, Sweden. The land lease agreement with Silvestica Green Forest Sverige AB has been signed and allows the construction of a 450-megawatt solar park.

Christian Gustafsson, the CEO of Ilmatar Solar, says, “The Tönnersjö solar park will be a significant source of power for Sweden, producing green energy for 25,000 households. Not only does the solar park produce sustainable energy, but we will also be saving parts of the Halland meadow landscape. It will foster biodiversity, supporting both flora and fauna. Now, we are taking inventory of the area’s natural values, which is required for the construction permit.”   

Rickard Lehmann, the CEO of Silvestica Green Forest Sverige AB, feels positive about Ilmatar Solar’s huge investment in the solar park, which will be built in Silvestica-owned forests in southern Halland. One of Silvestica’s goals in supporting the environment is to give up land for producing renewable energy. The park will produce electricity where it is needed the most, that is, in Swedish price zone 4.  

Lehmann explains, “When designing the park, we have excluded all the areas with high natural value, as well as areas along bodies of water. We will be building the park in a forest predominantly of spruce. The park will not be fenced in, and people are permitted to freely enter the area. He continues and says, “The revenue accrued from Silvestica’s park will strengthen the pensions of regular (Swedish) pensioners through our investors, the pension providers.”

The park is emission-free, quiet and the harm to the environment is minimal. The park will be directly connected to the main electric grid.  

More information:

Christian Gustafsson

CEO, Ilmatar Solar AB

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Rickard Lehmann

CEO, Silvestica Green Forest Sverige AB

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Ilmatar Solar AB

Ilmatar Solar develops production sites for green energy in Sweden. Our goal is to upscale Swedish solar parks significantly in order to make a real difference. We see solar parks as an energy boost to southern Sweden, and we consider solar energy a highly desirable part of a self-sufficient energy system. 

Our commitment applies to the parks’ entire life cycle: from designing, financing and construction to selling the energy we produce.  

Ilmatar Solar is a part of the Ilmatar Energy group, established in 2011 and currently a leading actor in renewable energy in the Nordic countries.