June 6, 2022

Ilmatar’s first solar power farm will generate electricity already in early 2023 – significant investment decisions on the horizon in Finland and Sweden

Ilmatar Energy Oy will start the construction of its first solar farm with the construction of an industrial-scale solar power farm in Joroinen. On the scale of Finland, the farm can be considered quite exceptional.

The current investment decision gives added momentum to Ilmatar’s journey towards becoming the leading Nordic renewable energy company. Joroinen will generate Finnish renewable energy from early 2023 onwards.

The Joroinen farm will have the capacity of 5 MWp. Ilmatar has several farms under development in Finland and Sweden. Their size range is 50 to 250 MWp. We will announce further details about these investment decisions in 2022 and 2023. Some of the projects will be built in connection with wind farms.

“Our solar power team has worked and will work hard in both Finland and Sweden, where there is tremendous potential for solar power. Solar power has the clear advantages of being lightweight in structure and rapidly scalable, as well as having many synergies with our wind power generation,” says Antti Keskinen, Director of Business Development at Ilmatar

Currently, Ilmatar has approximately 10 solar power farm projects in Finland that have already progressed to a fairly advanced stage in their development. In addition, there are nearly 40 projects with some progress made. Preliminary investigations and potential sites account for a total of some 8 gigawatts. In Sweden, the company currently has about 1 gigawatt worth of projects under development.

Solar power is a rapidly growing form of energy production worldwide. Ilmatar considers it its duty to make this renewable source of energy also available to Finnish business and consumer customers who want to utilize emission-free, locally produced electricity.

“Over the years, we have amassed a huge amount of expertise through the successful implementation of large projects involving huge infrastructure entities with wind power. For this reason, as a Finnish company, we have very good local knowledge around the country and the ability to bring industrial-scale solar power to the market in collaboration with local interest groups,” says Keskinen.

The effectiveness of two types of solar panels is currently being investigated in Joroinen. One of them is also capable of capturing radiation reflected from the ground or snow, for example.

“Solar power is an important new element in Ilmatar’s strategy, as it brings added flexibility to our power generation. Our goal is to be the market leader in this form of production as well. I am also very pleased how smoothly our organization and our decision-maker and landowner partners have embraced the new form of energy production,” says Juha Sarsama, CEO of Ilmatar.


Ilmatar Energy Oy is a Finnish independent energy company that exclusively produces renewable energy and operates at every single stage of wind power production: Ilmatar develops, builds and owns renewable energy production and sells the electricity it produces to consumers and businesses. Ilmatar’s wind farms of are built unsubsidized in the company’s ownership.

In addition to Ilmatar Energy, Ilmatar Energy Group includes several project development companies and Ilmatar Service Oy that is responsible for the technical and commercial management of our wind farms.

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