The carbon footprint of a year on wind power instead of mixed electricity is equivalent to:

*Average 2-person household (source: Sitra)


litres of oat milk instead of cow’s milk


years’ worth of lunches


kilometres with a relatively new passenger car


round trip flights between Helsinki and Paris

How can I join?

When it comes to renewables, there’s no better option than wind power. It’s 100% emission free. That’s why, unlike traditional utility companies, Ilmatar sells only wind power and never electricity generated using coal, gas, or any other sources. The more we get people like you onboard, the more wind power and renewable energy we can build, and help the world move more toward sustainable energy and future.

Do you want to hear more about Ilmatar’s clean wind power that reduces the planet’s carbon load? Please follow Ilmatar in social media and challenge your friends to be our supporter as well. Every like and share is a statement for the climate.

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Start to act

Start to act rather than talk by switching to wind power now. Switch to Ilmatar wind power easily. We will terminate your current electricity contract for you. Easy and handy! At the same time you’ll reduce your carbon footprint by even more than 5% in a matter of minutes. You can switch your electricity contract in the beginning of this webpage or by calling to our customer service. If you want to know more before switching the contract, our customer service is happy to help you.

The more we get people like you onboard, the more wind power and renewable energy we can build, and help the world move more toward sustainable energy and future. With Ilmatar you commit to buy wind electricity from a new, not yet built wind farm. Building more genuinely new and renewable wind power is the only way to replace polluting electricity sources and solve the issue of green house gas emissions.

Wind power is cost-effective.

The price you pay for your electricity is a sum of three parts: the cost of electric energy, distribution cost, and taxes. Each of these usually represents about one third of the total price. You can compare the price of Ilmatar wind power to your current electricity costs by looking at the fixed charge (€/month) and the energy charge (ct/kWh).

Your decisions directly influence how the electricity you consume is produced. A sustainable choice isn’t expensive, but it makes a huge difference to our shared future. By choosing Ilmatar wind power, you’ll also choose more clean energy for Finland. The more Finnish homes make the switch to Ilmatar wind power, the more wind farms Ilmatar can build, and the more clean wind power it can produce.

Signing up to Ilmatar wind power is the easiest way to take responsibility for the future and the health of our planet.

To compare electricity prices, visit Energy Authority electricity price comparison, Sähkön hintavertailu service (in Finnish and Swedish).

How do our electricity contracts differ?

We offer different contracts with varied durations and pricing.

Valid until further notice: Your contract to buy electricity from Ilmatar is valid until terminated. The cost of electric energy and the fixed charge are specified in advance. We adhere to the electricity market act and will always give you at least one month’s notice about any changes in pricing.

Fixed-term (for example a fixed term contract for 12 months): The price is fixed for the entire duration of the contract. Before the end of the contract we will send you a quote for a new contract. A fixed-term contract will automatically change into a contract valid until further notice unless a new fixed-term contract is made.

Market-based (Ilmatar Wind Spot hourly): In a market-based contract, the price is determined according to a formula specified in the contract. The price you pay is tied to the hourly fluctuations in electricity price on the Nordic power exchange Nord Pool (spot price) or their average (monthly average, for example). The price is therefore variable and reactive. Your electricity bill consists of the market price according to the contract, the commission or margin set by Ilmatar, and the fixed charge. A market-based contract can be made until further notice or for a fixed term.