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CEO, Ilmatar Energy Ltd
+358 40 774 2099

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Luhanka, Latamäki

Raahe, Pirttiselkä

Leppävirta, Tetrituuli


Ilmatar is a fast-growing Finnish energy company, which operates at every single stage of wind power production. We have more than 10 years of experience developing, financing and operating modern wind farms. As the pioneers of Finnish wind power, our large scale projects break boundaries for the entire industry. Ilmatar provides both enterprises and consumers possibility to buy electricity produced by windpower.

Currently, we’re constructing Finland’s largest wind farm, and we aim to construct and operate a combined capacity of 1000 MW in the next five years. This represents about 4% of Finland’s total electricity production and means over one billion euros of new investments in renewable energy.

A large scale wind farm on land is the most cost-effective and cleanest way to produce energy. Expanding renewable, emission-free energy production is the only way to replace harmful fossil fuels and solve the environmental challenges of electricity generation.