Our approach

Much more than utility

Unlike your usual utility company, we’re involved at every stage of the renewable energy process. We identify, develop, finance, construct as well as operate renewable energy production sites.

But that’s not all. Although, we’re completely independent and free to pursue our own approach, we also work hard to integrate our own areas of expertise with those of other key industry players. Our most significant partners are Omnes Capital and EDF Renewables.

Together, this means we can provide the ideal mix of knowledge and experience to drive forward our vision of a renewable energy powered world.

Development done differently

The ability to identify suitable sites and concepts with the best chance of realisation is crucial to success. Thanks to our active involvement and co-operation with financiers, we’re experts at renewable energy financing and have the skills needed to get deals done. In early-stage development, we do everything from land acquisition to securing permissions for all communications, engineering, studies, applications, statements, and more. Once we reach late-stage development, we move projects from fully permitted status to readiness for an investment decision.

Focused on delivery

We have nearly a decade of experience delivering fully functional wind farms on a turnkey/EPC basis. In this time, we’ve gained unique experience of how to complete projects effectively.

From the very beginning, we believe it’s of key importance to have Technical and Commercial Management (TCM) services on-board, along with an open approach to key stakeholders like municipalities, residents and authorities. Efficient procurement and contract management as well as great co-operation with legal and technical counsels is also essential. Furthermore, we take pride in our cutting-edge progress reporting, budgeting and invoice management. We employ a hands-on approach to execution, and plan late-stage development and financing carefully. Our collaboration with world-class partners for third party audits provides the final part of the jigsaw.

Fitter financing

Thanks to our active involvement and co-operation with financiers, we’re experts at renewable energy financing. This means our projects obtain non-recourse project financing from the most competitive international debt financiers. By combining our exceptional financial and technical know-how, we’re able to continuously land financing for multiple projects at once.