Our balancing power

Our balancing power

Energy to be proud of!

Ilmatar invests heavily in flexible use of renewable energy with storage solutions.

Ilmatar has been developing, planning, constructing and maintaining renewable energy farms for over ten years. Ilmatar is also responsible for selling the generated energy to the market and owns the parks it builds.

With renewable energy production on the rise, it has become increasingly important to plan, develop, and build solutions for storing renewable energy in connection with power generation. Storage is required for periods when renewable energy production is either low or excessively high to balance out electricity availability and price fluctuations in the market.

Ilmatar primarily plans renewable energy storage solutions to locations with existing Ilmatar wind or solar power generation. This enables Ilmatar to build storage solutions near existing infrastructure and ensure efficient land use. Other advantages of having production and storage in the same location include reduced transmission losses and the ability to make use of the same infrastructure, including electrical stations. Storage provides comprehensive tools for capacity management, both in-farm and in relation to the national electricity grid.