Our solar farms

Ilmatar solar farms

Solar energy to be proud of! Ilmatar invests heavily in industrial-scale solar energy production. We are present in all lifecycle phases of our solar power projects. We map out locations, secure financing for projects and supervise the construction of solar farms and their day-to-day functions as they become operational – and deliver the renewable energy to our clients. We also own our solar parks.

Ilmatar has a proven track record with over ten years of product development, construction of renewable energy farms and supervision of commercial production. Our wind parks have been constructed at several locations in Finland, and we apply the same principles to each and every solar power project: we want to produce sustainable energy in a way that benefits landowners, local communities, municipalities, clients and, ultimately, the entire nation. We ensure from the outset that all local key stakeholders are familiarised with processes related to solar power development, construction and production process.

Project preparations include years of research, conducted by an expansive team of external experts. Construction commences only after all required permits have been granted. Finally, we begin the production of clean energy from the cleanest air in the world.

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