Key people

Here's our management and key personnel. We’re all dedicated to making a real difference to the way the energy production of the world works.

Executive team

Juha-Pekka Weckström


+358 400 564 754
[email protected]

Key persons

Jussi Mäkinen

Head of Project Development

+358 40 576 1097
[email protected]

Elina Kärkimaa

Head of Solar Engineering

+358 40 565 7950
[email protected]

Sami Kallio

Team Leader Project Development Western Finland

+358 40 182 7500
[email protected]

Ilmatar Solar Sweden

Ilmatar Offshore

Senior Advisors

Board of Directors

Michael Pollan

Chairman of the Board

Serge Savasta

Board Member

Benjamin Stremsdoerfer

Board Member