Möksy and Louhukangas

Alajärvi In operation

Möksy and Louhukangas in numbers

220 MW

Total power


Number of turbines

135 / 210 m

Hub / tip height


To be operational


Möksy and Louhukangas wind power areas are located in the eastern part of Alajärvi city, South Ostrobothnia. The area is home to 36 wind turbines that generate renewable electricity.

These wind power areas have primarily been used for forestry and peat production, and they are also situated far from residential areas. Favorable wind conditions, distance from settlements, and the ability to integrate wind power production with other land uses make Möksy and Louhukangas ideal locations for wind energy.

Comprehensive wind power zoning plans were prepared for the project areas, which Alajärvi city approved in 2015. The projects also underwent an extensive environmental impact assessment process (EIA) in 2014.

Even after the wind farms are operational, parallel use of the areas for other activities such as recreation and berry picking remains permissible.

The technical and commercial management of the wind park is handled by Ilmatar’s subsidiary, Ilmatar Service Oy.

Ilmatar operates wind energy projects through project companies Ilmatar Alajärvi-Louhukangas Oy and Ilmatar Alajärvi-Möksy Oy. The project companies are based in Alajärvi. Additionally, Kansai Electric Power, an energy company, holds a minority ownership stake in the project.

Construction permits for the wind turbines were granted legal status in July 2020. Construction of the wind parks began in late summer 2021, and the park was commercially operational by the end of 2023.

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