Möksy and Louhukangas

Alajärvi Soon in operation

Möksy and Louhukangas in numbers

220 MW

Total power


Number of turbines

135 / 210 m

Hub / tip height


To be operational


The Möksy and Louhukangas wind farm sites are located in the eastern part of Alajärvi, South Ostrobothnia. A wind farm project with a total of 36 wind turbine locations is planned for the area.

The planned wind farm sites are not adjacent to residential areas and are currently predominantly in agricultural and peat production use. High-quality wind conditions, distance to residential areas and compatibility with existing land use purposes make Möksy and Louhukangas sites a suitable area for wind power production.

A partial land use plan has been prepared for the project and the plan was accepted by the city of Alajärvi in 2015. An extensive Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) has also been prepared for the sites in 2014.

The parallel use of the wind farm area for example in recreational and berry picking purposes will be allowed also after the wind farm has been commissioned.

Construction has begun in summer 2021 and the project is expected to start generating power during 2023.

Ilmatar Service Oy, a subsidiary of Ilmatar Energy, will take over the wind farm’s technical and commercial management once the project has been commissioned.

Ilmatar is developing the projects through two project companies: Ilmatar-Louhukangas Oy and Ilmatar-Möksy Oy, both of which are domiciled in Alajärvi.

The building permits for turbine locations became legally valid and binding in 2020. The project went on to construction phase in summer 2021 and the project is expected to start generating power during 2023.


Further information

Niklas Löf
Ilmatar Energy Oy
Project Manager
+358 40 670 6912
[email protected]


Petri Ainonen
Construction Project Manager
+358 40 847 3364
[email protected]


Paavo Päkkilä
Site Supervisor
+358 40 647 6005
[email protected]