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Luhanka In operation

Latamäki in numbers

18 MW

Total power


Number of turbines

140 m

Hub height


Operational since


Latamäki is in the southern part of the Luhanka municipality. It benefits from being approximately 200 metres above sea level and from the wind coming off Lake Päijänne. The development of Latamäki started in early 2012 and was extremely efficient. The wind farm has been operational since November 2014.


The wind farm consists of six Vestas V112-3.0MW wind turbines with a hub height of 140 metres. As the EPC contractor, we were in charge of constructing all of these. We were also trusted with overall responsibility for the completion of the project.

Financing and management

We organised all the financing for Latamäki. What’s more, we did it in a totally new way, making Latamäki the first non-recourse project financed wind farm in Finland. This was also the first time we collaborated with Susi Partners, marking the beginning of a very successful and mutually beneficial long-term partnership. Today, the technical and commercial management of the wind farm is provided by our sister company, Ilmatar Service Oy.

Current status

Latamäki has very successfully reached its production targets. Thanks to efficient management, there’s high energy availability, too. Nowadays, the wind farm is a significant landmark for the whole community. The locals have embraced the farm as their own, expressing their satisfaction with it in a recent study, available to read here in Finnish.

To learn more about the project, please contact:

Seppo Hakola
Ilmatar Services Oyj
Head of Asset Management
+358 40 584 8250