Louhukangas energy storage project

Alajärvi In development

Louhukangas energy storage project in numbers


To be operational (estimate)

25 MW

Total capacity

50 MW

Energy storage capacity


Ilmatar has an energy storage project in preparation stage at Louhukangas, Alajärvi. The energy storage system will have a capacity of 25 MW and storage capacity of 50 MWh. The storage will be located inside Ilmatar’s Alajärvi wind farm, next to the Louhukangas electrical station.

The energy storage is capable of momentarily storing about 10% of the farm’s peak production capacity, useful in helping balance out fluctuations in renewable energy production. The system can also help balance out fluctuations in utility frequency (up/down) to ensure that the power system maintains sufficient ability to transmit electricity.​

​​It is possible to double the system’s life cycle of approximately 15 years by upgrading the storage modules after the first 15 years.

The intermediate energy storage project has been granted a building permit on 03/2023.



Construction for the Louhukangas energy storage project is planned for 2023-2024 with start of commercial operations planned for 2024-2025.



Ilmatar will construct the Louhukangas energy storage through its project company Ilmatar Alajärvi-Kyyjärvi Oy.


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