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Number of Turbines


Starting in May 2022, Ilmatar has been investigating the possibility of building a wind farm with a maximum of 14 turbines in the Miiluhaudanmäki area of Laihia. Good wind conditions and the possibility to coordinate wind power production with other land use in the area make the area an ideal location for wind power production.

The final number of wind turbines, their placement and the planning area will become more precise in the coming years during the study and planning process.

The final outcome of the planning process will be influenced by, among other things, studies, opinions, comments and stakeholder consultations during the planning and environmental impact assessment (EIA) process.
Ilmatar is promoting the Miiluhaudanmäki wind power project through Ilmatar Laihia Oy.

Project status

In February 2023, Ilmatar has submitted a zoning initiative to the municipality of Laihia. This will allow the zoning process and comprehensive study to begin.

The Laihia Municipal Council approved the launch of the wind energy plan for the Miiluhaudanmäki area at its meeting on 20 February 2023. The planning process will take approximately two years. Construction of the wind farm would start in 2025 at the earliest.

The Miiluhaudanmäki wind power project is located in the area between Ilmatar Laihia Oy’s Taaborinvuori and Jokiperä wind farm projects.

Further information

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