Saarijärvi In development

Miilukangas in numbers

60 MW

Total power


Number of turbines

- m

Tip height


To be operational


Ilmatar has been exploring the possibilities of establishing a wind farm in the Miilukangas area of Saarijärvi, comprising a maximum of 8 turbines with a nominal capacity of 60 megawatts (MW). Favorable wind conditions and the potential to integrate wind power production with other land uses in the area make it a suitable location for wind energy production.

The final number of turbines, their placement, and the designated area will be refined during the upcoming investigation and planning processes.

The outcome of the planning will be influenced by various factors, including assessments within the planning and environmental impact assessment (EIA) processes, statements, opinions, and discussions with stakeholders.


Ilmatar’s strategy involves owning its renewable energy parks throughout their lifecycles. Ilmatar is advancing the Miilukangas wind power project through Ilmatar Saarijärvi Oy, enhancing the project’s positive economic impact on the municipality by directing corporate taxes to Saarijärvi.

Management and Operation

Upon completion, the high-quality technical and commercial management of the wind farm will be the responsibility of Ilmatar’s subsidiary, Ilmatar Service Oy.

Further information

Tommi Huhtinen
Project Development Manager
Ilmatar Energy Oy
+358 40 764 3636
[email protected]