Pielavesi and Keitele In development

Muntterinkangas in numbers

120-160 MW

Total Power

max. 20

Number of Turbines

350 M

Tip Height


To Be Operational (estimate)


Ilmatar is preparing a wind farm project in the municipalities of Pielavesi and Keitele in North Savo with a total capacity of approximately 120-140 MW.

The planned area in Muntterinkangas is located between Hirvenselkä and Vuonamonlahti, approximately 10 kilometres north of central Keitele and approximately 15 kilometres northwest of central Pielavesi. The plan is to construct a maximum of 17 turbines in the Pielavesi region and a maximum of three turbines in the Keitele region.

The pending North Savo land-use draft plan for 2040 allows for the production of wind power in the area.

The planning of the wind power component of the Muntterinkangas master plan will commence in 2022. The plan allows for the construction of wind turbines with tip heights of up to 350 metres in the area. The environmental impact of the project is thoroughly assessed through an environmental impact assessment (EIA) and with the land-use planning process.

Parallel use of the wind farm area for other activities, including berry picking, will continue to be allowed once the wind farm has been commissioned.



Construction in Muntterinkangas is projected to start in 2025 or 2026 with power generation set to commence around 2027.


Asset Management

Upon completion, Ilmatar Service Oy, a subsidiary of Ilmatar Energy, will take over the wind farm’s technical and commercial management.



Ilmatar is furthering the Muntterinkangas wind farm project towards the construction phase through its project company, Ilmatar Pielavesi Oy, which is domiciled in Pielavesi.


Further Information

Timo Laitinen
Ilmatar Energy Oy
Project Development Manager
+358 40 550 5500
[email protected]