Pielavesi and Keitele In development

Muntterinkangas in numbers

120-200 MW

Total Power

max. 20

Number of Turbines

350 M

Tip Height


To Be Operational (estimate)


Background information

Ilmatar is preparing a wind farm of around 120-200 MW in the Pielavesi and Keitele regions of North Savo. The Muntterinkangas planning area is located in the area between Hirvenselä and Vuonamonlahti, about 10 km north of Keitelee and about 15 km north-west of Pielavesi. Up to 17 power plants are planned for the Pielavesi area and up to three for the Keitele area. Wind turbines with a maximum sweep height of 350 metres are planned for the area. The area is designated as a wind energy production area in the draft regional plan 2040 for North Savo, which is currently under preparation.

The Pielavesi Technical Committee approved Ilmattare’s zoning initiative for the Pielavesi side of the site at its meeting on 21 December 2021, and the Keitele Municipal Council approved the zoning initiative for the Keitele side of the site at its meeting on 7 March 2022. The project has received a favourable opinion from the Defence Forces.

The environmental impact assessment report (EIA report) for the Muntterinkangas wind power project has been completed and the EIA report for the project has been made available for inspection by the North Savo ELY Centre on 15 September 2023. The EIA report for the project is available on the project’s EIA website at

The project, the EIA report and the course of the EIA procedure as well as the sub-planning of the project will be presented at a public event in Pielvede on 31 October 2023 at 17.00 at Suojala at Puistotie 8 and in Keitele on 1 November 2023 at 17.00 at Wanha Meijer at Wanha Meijerintie 6. It is also possible to participate remotely. Links to the events will be added to the project’s EIA page and to this page closer to the date of the public meeting.

Construction schedule

The planned start of construction of the Muntterinkangas wind power project is around 2025-2026 and production will start around 2027.

Management and operation

Once completed, the wind farm will be managed by Ilmattare’s sister company Ilmatar Service Oy for high quality technical and commercial management.


Ilmatar is advancing the Muntterinkangas wind power project towards the construction phase through the project company Ilmatar Pielavesi Oy. The project company is based in Pielavesi.

Further Information

Timo Laitinen
Ilmatar Energy Oy
Project Development Manager
+358 40 550 5500
[email protected]