Ii In development

Ollinkorpi in numbers

300 MW

total power

42 m

number of turbines

300 m

tip height


Estimated commissioning


Ilmatar is preparing a wind farm project in the municipality of Ii, North Ostrobothnia. The planned wind farm site Ollinkorpi is located in the north-eastern part of Ii. The Ii municipal council accepted the local master plan on January 24th 2022. The plan comprises 10 wind turbines.

High-quality wind conditions and a vast, uninhabited location make the site a highly suitable area for wind power production.


Project Development

A combined Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) and partial land use plan process was started in 2019. For documentation relating to the EIA-process, please refer to:

Asset management

Ilmatar Service Oy, a subsidiary of Ilmatar Energy, will take over the wind farm’s technical and commercial management once the project has been commissioned.


The project is expected to start generating power in mid-2020s. In Ii, Ilmatar will deploy the latest turbine technology with tip heights up to 300m.

Current Status

The environmental impact assessment (EIA) and the land use draft plan have been completed and will be available for inspection in January-February 2021. In the original planning phase, 63 power plants were planned. Based on the discussions with the authorities, the feedback received and the studies carried out, the option of 42 power plants has been selected as a final planned draft formula. In addition to the feedback received, the solution comprehensively takes into account e.g. birds, recreation and distances to settlement.


Further information

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Project Developer
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