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Number of turbines


Towards the end of 2021, Ilmatar started looking into the possibility of constructing a wind farm with a maximum of 21 turbines at the Ooperi area in Seinäjoki. High-quality wind conditions and compatibility with existing land-use purposes in the area make it favourable for the production of wind power.

The final number of turbines, their location and the land-use plan area shall be determined in the next few years during the investigation and land-use planning process.

There are a number of factors contributing to the end result, such as statements, opinions and discussions with stakeholders related to the impact of the land-use plan and the environmental impact assessment (EIA).
Ilmatar is furthering the Ooperi wind power project through Ilmatar Ooperi Oy.

Present situation

In May 2022, Ilmatar submitted a land-use plan proposal to the city of Seinäjoki. The proposal allows the land-use planning process and thorough investigations to commence.

In its meeting on June 6th, 2022, the city board of Seinäjoki unanimously approved the commencement of the wind power land-use plan process for the Ooperi area. The full process takes approximately two years. Thus, the construction of the wind farm may commence no earlier than 2025.


Further information

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