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The Ii Pahkakoski Wind Power Project is located in the Pahkakoski area within the municipality of Ii in Northern Ostrobothnia, near the Yli-Ii area belonging to the city of Oulu. In the coming years, the project will see the installation of 30 industrial-scale wind turbines. This represents a significant renewable energy project with substantial impacts on the regional economy, the green transition, and Finland’s carbon-neutral objectives.

Ilmatar acquired the rights to the Pahkakoski and Jäkäläkangas land wind power projects from Alterric Internationale Beteiligungs GmbH, a German company, in late 2022-2023. The wind power area had previously undergone a comprehensive EIA (Environmental Impact Assessment) process and was enabled for wind power construction through a local master plan (approved in 2018). The wind turbines have received legally binding building permits.

Preliminary infrastructure work has already been carried out, including the construction of a substation and a 110-kilovolt high-voltage overhead line for transmitting electricity from the wind power area to the general electricity grid. The actual construction of the wind turbines, including the establishment of turbine lifting platforms, access roads, and foundations, is planned for the years 2023-2024. Preliminary estimates indicate that the actual installation of the wind turbines could occur around 2025. The commercial production of the wind farm is expected to commence in 2025-2026. A more detailed construction schedule will be provided after the final binding investment decision.

The wind power area has primarily been used for forestry, and it is located at a significant distance from residential areas. Favorable wind conditions, the remote location from residential zones, and the possibility to harmonize wind power production with other land uses in the area make Pahkakoski an ideal location for wind power production.


Ilmatar holds the project rights and plans to be its long-term owner throughout the project’s lifecycle. A separate subsidiary, Pahkakosken Energia Oy (Business ID 2735396-5), has been established for this project, with its registered office in Ii. This contributes positively to the local economy, as corporate taxes are directed to Ii.

Management and Operation

After the construction phase, the high-quality technical and commercial management of the wind farm will be handled by Ilmatar’s subsidiary, Ilmatar Service Oy.

Further information

Niklas Löf
Project Development Manager
Ilmatar Energy Oy
+358 670 6912
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