Raahe In operation

Pirttiselkä in numbers

21 MW

Total power


Number of turbines

143 / 199 m

Hub / tip height


Operational since


This wind farm consists of seven Siemens SWT-3.0-113 wind turbines, which have a hub height of 143 metres.

M&A advisory and management

In this project, we worked as an M&A advisor, when SUSI acquired the ownership of the entire wind farm in 2016. Working in close co-operation, we were able to overcome all the previous challenges the wind farm had faced.


Current status

Since our sister company, Ilmatar Service Oy, took over the technical and commercial management of the wind farm, it has been functioning ever more efficiently.


To learn more about the project, please contact

Sami Holappa
Ilmatar Service Oy
+358 40 610 1665
[email protected]