Takiankangas and Hukkalansalo

Paltamo In development

Takiankangas and Hukkalansalo in numbers

350-500 mw

Total power


Number of turbines

max. 350 m

Tip Height


To be operational (estimate)


Ilmatar is developing two wind farms that will be located near each other in the northwestern part of Paltamo.

Hukkalansalo’s project area on the north side of Vaarankylä partially borders the municipality of Puolanka. Located more to the west, the Takiankangas area on the north side of Petäjälahti village borders both Vaala and Puolanka.

The tentative plan is to build 31 turbines in the Takiankangas area and 19 turbines in the Hukkalansalo area. The more specific locations for turbines are determined in the development stage.

The municipal executive board of Paltamo approved Ilmatar Energy’s land-use planning proposals for both project areas in its meeting on October 11, 2021. Both areas have received assent from the Finnish Defence Forces, allowing tip heights of up to 350 metres.


The project is expected to start generating power in 2026-2027.

Current Status

The participation and assessment scheme and the environmental impact assessment (EIA) for the land-use plan are estimated to be available during the spring of 2022. These documents describe in detail how locals and other stakeholders are provided the opportunity to voice a formal opinion during the process. The documents also detail the project reports and impact assessments that shall be created.

Asset management

Upon completion, Ilmatar Service Oy, a subsidiary of Ilmatar Energy, will take over the wind farm’s technical and commercial management.


Ville Huovinen
Project Developer
+358 45 672 1192
[email protected]

Jussi Mäkinen
Head of Project Development
+358 40 576 1097
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