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Ilmatar is planning for an approximately 45 MW wind farm in the city of Loviisa, located in Uusimaa. The Tetom planning area is situated east of Koskenkylä and is entirely designated for forestry use. The wind farm is planned to have 8 turbines. The turbines will be positioned over two kilometers away from the residential areas of Koskenkylä, minimizing disturbances to the population.

Thanks to favorable wind conditions, the site is well-suited for wind power generation. Additionally, the area is one of the few designated locations for this purpose in the Uusimaa Regional Land Use Plan. Moreover, it is the only known area of similar size in southern Finland that has received a favorable opinion from the Defense Forces regarding the feasibility of the project.

The construction schedule of the wind farm is currently uncertain due to delays in the zoning process. The goal is to commence construction in the mid-2020s. The construction phase is expected to last approximately one year.

Ilmatar, a domestic company, owns the rights to the project and will remain its long-term owner throughout its lifecycle. A separate subsidiary, Ilmatar Loviisa Oy, has been established specifically for this project, with its registered office in Loviisa. This will contribute positively to the city’s economy, as corporate taxes will be directed to Loviisa. During the operational phase, the technical and commercial management of the wind farm will be handled by Ilmatar’s subsidiary, Ilmatar Service Oy.

The zoning process for the Tetom wind power area is still ongoing. The draft materials for the zoning plan can be accessed from this link. Based on feedback, Ilmatar has submitted revised draft materials to the city of Loviisa in early 2022, awaiting the city’s decision on making them available for public review.


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