Kristiinankaupunki In operation

Västervik in numbers

56 MW

Total power


Number of Turbines

250 M

Tip Height


To Be Operational


The Västervik project area is located in Kristiinankaupunki in an area between Hedentie, highway 8 and Isokärrintie approximately 28 kilometres south of the city centre. The development area is mostly unbuilt forest land in commercial use with some areas of low-lying land and fields. Excellent wind conditions, considerable distance to residential areas and compatibility with existing land-use purposes in the area make the Västervik project area favourable for the production of wind power.

New wind power components have been prepared for the master plan of the Västervik wind power production area. The components were approved by the city of Kristiinankaupunki in the spring of 2020. In the Västervik project area, the plan allows the construction of a wind farm with a maximum of nine turbines and maximum tip height of 250 metres. The environmental impacts of the project have already been assessed during the land-use planning process and with a comprehensive environmental impact assessment (EIA).

In late 2020, the city of Kristiinankaupunki granted building permits for nine wind turbines, in accordance with the wind power components of the master plan. Both the wind power components of the master plan and the building permits are legally enforceable. Parallel use of the wind farm area for leisure and other activities will continue to be allowed once the wind farm has been commissioned.

Construction of the Västervik wind power project began in 2022 and the farm began commercial production in 2023.

Upon completion, Ilmatar Service Oy, a subsidiary of Ilmatar Energy, will take over the wind farms’ technical and commercial management.

Ilmatar owns the Västervik wind farm through its subsidiary Ilmatar Kristiinankaupunki Oy, which is domiciled in Kristiinankaupunki.


Further information

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