Pielavesi In development

Vornankorpi in numbers

130-180 mw

Total Power


Number of Turbines

350 m

Tip height (max.)


To be operational


Background information

Ilmatar is preparing a wind farm of about 130-180 MW in the Pielavesi area of North Savo. The planning area of Vornankorvi is located in the area between Iso-Panga and Petäjäjärvi, bordering the city of Kuopio to the east and the municipality of Tervo to the south. Up to 13 wind turbines are planned for the municipality of Pielavesi. The project also examines the possibility of installing up to 5 wind turbines on the Kuopio side of the city. Wind turbines with a maximum sweep height of 350 m are planned for the Vornankorvi area.

The final number of wind turbines, their placement and the planning area will be clarified in the coming years during the study and planning process. The final outcome of the planning process will be influenced by, among other things, studies, opinions, comments and stakeholder consultations during the planning and environmental impact assessment (EIA) process.
The Pielavesi Technical Committee approved Ilmattare’s zoning initiative for the Pielavesi side of the site at its meeting on 21 February 2023. The project has received a favourable opinion from the Defence Forces.


The assessment procedure for the Vornankorvi wind power project started in August 2023 and the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) programme was made available in August-September. The materials are still available for download on the project’s EIA website at

For Pielavesi, the participation and assessment plan (OAS) for the sub-regional development plan of the project was open for consultation at the same time as the EIA programme and the material is still available on the municipal website: Presentation and public events on the project, the EIA procedure and the zoning were held in both Pielavesi and Kuopio in August 2023.

The EIA assessment report for the project will be prepared during the winter of 2024. The report will take into account the feedback and comments received on the EIA programme. The timetable for the EIA report and the date of the next public meetings will be specified later.

Construction schedule

The planned start of construction of the Vornankorvi wind power project is around 2025-2026 and the start of production is around 2027.

Management and operation

Once completed, the wind farm will be managed by Ilmattare’s sister company Ilmatar Service Oy, which will provide high-quality technical and commercial management.


Ilmatar is promoting the Vornankorpi wind power project towards the construction phase through the project company Ilmatar Pielavesi Vornankorpi Oy. The project company is based in Pielavesi.

Further information

Sanni Kontinen
Project Development Manager
Ilmatar Energy Oy
+358 40 675 6088
[email protected]

Anton Sihvonen
Land Lease Negotiator
Ilmatar Energy Oy
+358 40 578 2166
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