The benefits of wind power are significant

The benefits of wind power are significant

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    Switching to wind power is a real environmental act and has a direct, concrete impact

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    Wind power immediately reduces your carbon footprint

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    Wind power purchased from Ilmatar contributes directly to the increase of Finnish renewable energy production

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    Wind power provides jobs for hundreds of Finns

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    Wind power creates sustainable growth and well-being in a responsible manner

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    Wind power increases Finland’s energy self-sufficiency

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    Wind power enables the decentralising of energy production

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    Ilmatar Energy’s wind power is 100% Finnish, 100% clean and 100% renewable

Wind power reduces your carbon footprint

The carbon footprint of a person who switches from fossil fuels produced electricity to wind power is immediately reduced by approximately 8% (source: Sitra). In an average Finnish two-person household, the annual reduction in the carbon footprint is equivalent to around six round-trip flights to Paris. A business switching to wind power can reduce its carbon footprint immediately by up to 20%. All this without giving up or compromising anything.

Wind power purchased from Ilmatar Energy contributes directly to Finland’s energy self-sufficiency

Because all the energy we produce is sold to Finnish households and businesses, our customers can be sure that through Ilmatar, each euro spent for the electricity contract will go to the construction and additional production of new, renewable Finnish energy.

Wind power decentralises energy production

The increase of wind power producers is decentralising the energy production, which in Finland has previously been largely focused on nuclear power, water power and fossil fuels. Decentralised energy production increases security of supply and distributes the load on the electricity grid more evenly across the country.

Wind power provides jobs to Finland

The project development, construction, maintenance and management of wind turbines employ thousands of people in Finland. The employment effect of a modern wind farm with a capacity of over 2,000 MW is more than 60,000 man-years over the course of its life cycle. The effect is estimated to triple by 2030.

Wind power brings income to Finland

Wind power companies – Ilmatar Energy included – pay property tax and lease for the land on which their wind farms are located to the respective municipalities and cities. This has a positive effect on the cities’ and municipalities’ economy. Furthermore, the construction of wind farms brings millions of euros in investments to Finland, promoting Finland’s economy and competitiveness. For example, the technology giant Google announced in the autumn of 2019 that it would purchase three wind farms’ worth of wind power from Ilmatar.


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