Sustainability is in our DNA

A responsible operating culture is important to us and we are committed to following ethical principles. We want to promote responsible business and the well-being of our working community.

Our Code of Conduct

Ilmatar Data Protection and Information Security Policy


Whistleblowing channel for reporting concerns and violations

We have introduced a whistleblowing channel where everyone can report irresponsible behavior or violations. Our whistleblowing channel is intended for reporting suspected abuses related to Ilmatar Energy Ltd and all its’ group companies.

Access our whistleblowing channel here

Among other things, the notifications may concern the following: 

  • Bribery 
  • Corruption 
  • Money laundering 
  • Grey economy 
  • Unfair competition 
  • Human rights violations 
  • Environmental offences 
  • Work safety 
  • Data protection 
  • Working conditions 
  • Other unethical activities 

The introduction of the whistleblowing channel is based on the EU’sWhistleblower directive. 



To protect the information and the reporter all notifications are anonymous and encrypted. All reported activities are treated with confidentiality, and it is not possible to trace the person who submitted the report, unless they have voluntarily shared their personal information as part of the report. The reporter has the right to file a complaint to the Data Protection Ombudsman if they consider that the personal data handling violates thedata protection regulations. 

If you are about to submit a report on our whistleblowing channel, please remember to record the ID obtained from the system so that you can follow your notification and the progress of its processing. We respond to notifications within seven (7) days. Please note that you can also give ordinary feedback directly to the person in question: 

By e-mail:[email protected] 

By post: Unioninkatu 30, 00100 Helsinki


Ilmatar is a member ofFIBS, the largest corporate responsibility network in the Nordic countries, aiming to help companies understand sustainable development and promote opportunities for responsible business. As a member of FIBS, we are committed to conducting accountable and sustainable business practices, promoting corporate social responsibility, and solving local, national, and global problems. 

We are also a member of theFinnish Wind Power Association (STY), which is an advocacy organization for the wind power industry. STY brings together individuals, companies and other entities interested in the wind power sector. Founded in 1988, the association shares information and supports the development and operation of the wind power industry in Finland. 

Ilmatar has become a member ofFinnish Energy (ET), which is the political interest organization of the energy sector. It represents companies that produce, procure, transmit and sell electricity, gas, district heating and district cooling and provide related services.
Energy companies are committed to creating one of the world’s first carbon-neutral energy systems in Finland. The energy industry’s responsibility guidelines bring together the most essential themes, achievements and goals for a more sustainable energy sector. The goal is to create a common view of the industry’s sustainability themes and the work together towards them. 

Ilmatar also participates in theAuringosta Energiaaconsortium, which promotes the construction of solar power in Finland. 

Together with other renewable energy producers, we are willing to develop Finland’s solar energy industry and ready to invest a total of more than 10 billion euros in new solar energy in Finland in the next few years. Solar power projects bring vitality, jobs and tax revenues to their regions. Solar power reduces the carbon footprint of municipalities and increases Finland’s energy self-sufficiency.